When was the factory registered?


What certifications are available?

Product Quality System Certification(IS09001).
Product quality inspection and certification(SGS).

What is the production area of the factory?

2000 ㎡

How many technical personnel are there?

One designer, one craftsman, one electromechanical control personnel, and one material technician.

What devices are there?

CNC engraving machine, CNC flat printer, Laser engraving, Precision carving machine, injection molding machine, CNC lathe.

What sales services can be provided?

Professional sales customer service provides you with one-on-one service 24 hours a day.

Which countries are mainly exported to?

Europe and America.

Transportation and customs agency services

Some countries can provide agency services.

Is acrylic suitable for outdoor use?

We have dedicated outdoor panels to support your long-term use outdoors.

Is it delivered to my doorstep? What should I do if I receive the goods and find them damaged/missing?

Our after-sales policy is determined based on the transaction method, please consult customer service for details.